E-M Business Solutions

About E-M Business Solutions

When you are looking for the funding that will make your business viable, you need to have every piece fit perfectly into place. A business that is not fund-ready will never get out of the gate.

At E-M Business Solutions, we ensure that your business is ready for action before exposing to to just the right angel investors.

E-M Business Solutions serves as a one-stop shop for enterprises of all sizes. With all of our resources in one place, you have what you need to get access to advisors, professional-grade documentation and more.

We connect your business with resources that include:

  • attorneys
  • business coaches
  • bankers
  • brokers
  • consultants
  • investors
  • marketers

Because of how E-M’s seven arms work together, we can help you prepare and execute the business financial documentation and presentation materials that will make your enterprise attractive to investors.

Our solution leverages the latest in digital marketing to help positi on worthy companies properly and optimize their opportunities to get fully funded. We specialize in developing the  documentation that will assist you in qualifying for security exemptions that will make crowd funding of your business possible.

Our services include:

  • Business finance documentation preparation.
  • virtual data room management.
  • investor marketing.
  • creative design and graphics.
  • presentation material development.

Together, these services can get you fund-ready.

Are you looking for personalized and customized services for your business? We’ve created an intricate network of business capital advisors, investors, educators and entrepreneurs to provide training, back office support and resources to get you started. Join the new business revolution today.