E-M Financial exchange

About E-M Finance Exchange

Sometimes, it can seem incredibly hard for the right people to connect with one another. Investors go without innovative ways to make their money grow while making a difference

in the community. Those who wish to buy real estate lose out on opportunities when they do not qualify for traditional loans. Innovators fail to find the funding that can make their ideas a reality.

Helping Acquire Ideal Real Estate

With student loan debt and other impediments, it can be difficult to get the funding you need for a home, business or investment property. Our innovative funding option allows you to get around these difficulties by matching you with peer-to-peer investors. Your dream of owning real estate does not have to wait.

Helping Investors

Many investors are hampered by the investing paths that are open to them. They want the chance to get great returns supporting the enterprises that they can believe. They need flexibility beyond what is provided by the stock market and better returns that what you can get with CDs.

Helping Innovators

Innovators and entrepreneurs need funding to get their ideas off the ground. When they have an influx of cash, it allows them to take a longer road toward development and thoroughly test their ideas and concepts. It allows them to enter sustainable, community-friendly and ecologically sound ideas that can make the world a better place. Soon, we will be opening up our offerings to businesses so that they can apply for loans that will help them grow.

Finding a Match on E-M Financial Exchange

Our system puts vetted businesses, individuals and investors together in partnerships that benefit them both. When you step outside the confines of traditional funding, so much more becomes possible. We can help you earn more on your money if you wish to invest. We can help you get the funding you need for a home, a business property or an investment property such as a duplex or apartment