E-M Incubator

About E-M Incubator

Have you ever worried that the best ideas and the best minds did not have the resources needed to bring innovation to life? We have the potential to remake how businesses are launched in the Internet economy.

Incubators were once the domain of public economic development agencies and universities. There were few chances for those who did not have resources and connections already to get the funding that they needed to get their important projects off the ground.

With E-M Incubator, we bring together teams of veteran entrepreneurs and established Internet players. They use their expertise to choose the best ideas and to help budding entrepreneurs put their ideas into action. By bringing new businesses to the attention of venture capitalists, we can help people get the funding that they need to be competitive.

E-M’s Model for Success

We give innovators a structured curriculum that is designed to help them navigate the unique challenges of growing a sustainable and thriving business. Our founding philosophy is simple: We believe that the best way to improve society is to provide entrepreneurs and innovators with ongoing inspiration, education and access to customers, capital and other critical resources.

It is our goal to help millions of sustainable growth businesses over the next decade. Part community, part academy and 100% passion, we provide the foundation needed for success.

Our dedicated web platform can allow new and established businesses to gain outside perspective. It can give people the connections they need to start something new or to help an existing venture thrive.

Calling All Innovators

We want to draw innovators and entrepreneurs from a diverse range of fields. Whether you have experience and insight to share or a great idea looking for the funding to get it going, we want you. Together we can build the strong socially conscious companies that will build an abundant and exciting future for us all.