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About E-M Securities

Freedom gives you options. And when you have options, you can build wealth. In the traditional paradigm, both investors and innovators are hobbled. Entrepreneurs and innovators have only a few channels available to them to find the funds to make their startups a success. Investors are limited in the vehicles available to them to make their money grow.

As a result, only the innovators who are already insiders get the chance to make their dreams a success.New ideas only come from a very narrow part of the population, leaving many without chances and our society as a whole poorer for the lack of innovation. At the same time, individual investors do not see the sorts of returns that they want on their money.Much of what they earn is lost to taxes and Social Security, never to be recouped. They struggle and worry about the future instead of making the big plans that a truly secure future can allow them.

Connecting Innovators and Entrepreneurs to Investors to Co-create and Thrive

At E-M Securities, we use a crowd-funding model to bring innovators and investors together. By cobbling together the resources of dozens, hundreds or thousands of investors, developing companiescan get the funding that they need to get off the ground or to grow their business into a success.

New rules mean that investors are allowed to get in on businesses on the ground floor. You no longer need to hope to catch a publicly traded company’s IPO or other stock offerings. Investors can now look at the businesses that they believe in and put their money down at thebeginning to take the ride all the way to the top.

This new way of doing things means that everyone has the freedom and flexibility that they need to see that their dreams come true. Whether your dream is a revolutionary new productor a comfortable retirement, we can help you meet the right people. And, together, you will make your dreams a reality.