E-M Sustainability

About E-M Sustainability

Many areas of the country are dying for redevelopment and revitalization. Infrastructure is aging. Much of it is stretched beyond capacity by a growing population. This can be seen as an opportunity, as we can go forward and build a more sustainable future.

A Clean Energy Future

Fossil fuels are running out. Soon, we will have no choice but to seek another technology. However, we do have a choice in what will power the future. By investing in renewable, clean energy that includes solar, wind and others, we can assure that we have energy that won’t be threatened in a century and that is nonpolluting now and in the future.

Green Building

Going forward, new housing can be built that uses safer, more sustainable materials and that requires less energy to run the home. If all new construction is green, our energy needs as a country will drop substantially, and we will see a drop in illnesses that are related to exposure to hazardous materials in the home.

Sustainable Food Production

Conventional food production requires massive amounts of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It leaves behind massive pollution. It relies on monocultures that are bad for the environment and more vulnerable than a varied ecosystem. Advanced permaculture techniques allow you to feed more people with less space in a more environmentally friendly way. And, when people have better access to real, whole foods, they are healthier, leading to a more sustainable culture.

It All Comes Down to Innovation

The new enterprises of the future need to be the ones that support a healthier world for everyone. By creating solutions that are ecologically sound and equitable for everyone,we can make life better for the people and the planet. Are you ready to join the revolution? We’re working for a future for all.