Message From The Founder

WE aim at nothing but success and strive to prepare people for the same.  In today’s economy, knowledge, potential, and the ability to find results are no longer concentrated but distributed. Considering this situation, to us, keeping a single diploma as a goal is no longer effective, rather we believe in directing our focus on a number of tangible diplomas that can be perfectly coupled with today’s career paths. To us, it’s all about preparing our people through a course where they are given the privilege and freedom to choose their path by their own with respect to their ability and when they are ready.

We utilize the power of internet and perform pertinent research to come up with tangible data and analytics, we work around this data to incorporate it into mainstream work with the sole aim of training and deploying more valuable workers.

Using technology to match employers and workers. Millions of organizations in the world have several opportunities for middle-skill jobs. A CEO of a behemoth organization cannot hunt for trained and talented workers for filling these vacancies. On the flip side, potential candidates to such vacancies can be in the dark or are unaware of the skills to acquire. This is where E-M can play a pivotal role. We use our experience to make job search transparent and to effectively match people with opportunity.

Today, credentialing talent with terms “Blue-collar”, “white-collar” is considered as on obsolete strategy. The current system feels that it is highly unfair and does not effectively mirror ones talent and can even make it difficult for the employers to sort out the right talent for the right open positions. We believe in innovative means to categorizing talent so that both employees and employers don’t feel any constraints with respect to arbitrary delineations.

Savvy leaders who foresaw most of these factors have already transformed these innovative ideas into practice thereby by setting the perfect example that can help us to build a foundation upon which a system benefitting the people can be formulated.

We are aiming to achieve this goal with the elaborate collection of tools available at our disposal. We can start reworking the world right away and convert our improved connections and networks to a real success.

So it is in that spirit, and in that hope, that I leave you with two questions. What is your Dream? And what are you going to do to make the Dream possible for everyone?

This is our time to act

“Putting a dent in the university is a good things to be a part of” Steve Jobs

Message to the future change makers

It a great thing to be a part of a community that works toward putting a dent in the universe…  For some, their universe may be extended to include their family, their work, their local community, their society, their country, their online global reach or to just some of the above. Whatever it is, I see our metaphorical universe being the sum total of our entire sphere of influence. i.e. all the people who are affected by our words and deeds.  The ‘dent’ I see as metaphorically ‘leaving our mark’ or impacting on our sphere of influence in such a way that it changes the lives of the people in our universe, even if that change may be as small as just a ‘dent’.   But in a larger sense I see putting a ‘dent in the universe’ as leaving a legacy that lives on long after we have left this ‘mortal coil’. I believe that the author is exalting us to live a life of significance that impacts positively on our sphere of influence in both our time and beyond … and to change lives for the better. “The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will”.

Are you a  Changemaker?

Changemaker (n) –meaning one who desires change in the world and, by gathering knowledge and resources, makes that change happen.

The term “changemaker” as the name indicates, is pretty clear, however, it is worth stressing the two elements that underpins it. Kind of change and the standout qualities of a changemaker.

With change, we are stressing on any kind, especially like social change that would turn out to be a great help for people. The changemakers can come tagged with titles like entrepreneurs or activists, it’s just that these professionals share a standard motives as entrepreneurs and strive for change that can help not one but as many as possible.

Changemakers are never classified as a set of people who knows exactly what changes the world needs or how this can be achieved, rather they are a set of professionals, who with their immense experience, expertise, knowledge, resources and determination achieve this change in the best possible manner. They are literal professionals who push through to the end of the tunnel to see the expected result and can be considered as the force of social evolution.

E-M can identify and walk you through the personal life of a potential soon-to-be changemaker and furthermore, we can provide you with the set of tools that would help you to achieve your noble goals as a changemaker.

Good luck, and may your Change be known!