Creating sustainable system to solve current problems in society using a social capital market system model of people, processes and technology.


Create a Social Capital market system as a key underlying theme, create a transparent and efficient capital market system that helps discover, build and finance these sustainable systems.

Social Capital Market:

Social Capital Market is a social network centric conglomerate of economic and cultural capital which can play a vital role in addressing the common barriers faced by social entrepreneurs and ventures. Literally transformed, social capital market can be the key to driving job opportunities, improved managerial performance and acquiring financial security.


  • A perfectly set social capital market system allows you to plan and secure your finance; post retirement, finance any purchase like homes and to get funding for your business/community to cater necessary services. Furthermore, social capital can also assist in bolstering society’s social interactions.
  • Social Capital Market meets demands for fund with fund. An ideally set Social  Capital Market system spurs economic growth by earmarking and distributing capital for financing creative ideas, setting up infrastructure and creating job opportunities.
  • By facilitating coordination and corporation between social networks and relationships, Social Capital Market System can drive productivity without raising the budget for doing business.
  • Social Capital Market system taken as reference not only helps you to address any community’s social and economic goals but also to measure the effectiveness of its activities pertinent to social enterprises.
  • Social Capital Market System can be used to monitor and analyse different elements at different stages of the deal lifecycle regardless of any location constraints.


Social Capital Market System should be formulated in such a manner so that its focus revolves around social networks & relationships, this strategy can be ideally utilized to achieve organizational goals.

Social Capital Market can come with its shares of downs and ups, however, if set-up and exploited properly, it can turn out to be a godsend for social entrepreneurs and ventures.